Makers & Finders – Downtown Summerlin

Makers & Finders

Makers & Finders is a vibrant, upbeat restaurant-coffee-bar where specialty coffee, inspired Latin food, & hospitality are the program pillars. The setting is brightly lit with unique murals & positive affirmations throughout the lively space that attracts a large fan base. The full service experience transforms a coffee shop into a bustling café. Coffee can be handcrafted during dine-in or to-go, depending on the visit. All syrups are handmade by trained baristas making it the most unique specialty latte menu in Las Vegas. Co-working, networking and collaboration are strongly encouraged in this hip Downtown Summerlin location.

We at the Junge Group Real Estate Las Vegas EXP are definitely Downtown Summerlin and Summerlin as a whole encompasses one of our favorite neighborhoods properties. Summerlin and Green Valley or most well-known Las Vegas EXP areas – these are communities, master planned communities, in Las Vegas we own Summerlin. As far as Community leaders and we have an office in Summerlin and Summerlin attracts a lot of out-of-state buyers so you got a lot of buyers coming in from California and beyond moving to Las Vegas and they’re loving Summerlin and eating it up so it is great to be a Real-estate leader in that neighborhood

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