Grn Vision in Downtown Las Vegas

What do you get when you cross a lifelong entrepreneur and a recovering architect with hearts for doing good in the hood?….
Grn Vision!

Founded in 2014 by Dave Ray and Rick Van Diepen, Grn Vision has been making its impact in commercial and residential real estate development.

Grn Vision is a full service sustainability, green building and sustainable development consulting firm and truly has a passion for doing good. Together with Associate Christy Bojda, they live by the motto DOING GOOD IS GOOD BUSINESS and their mission is to positively impact their clients, communities and the planet – and that they do – starting in our own little footprint in Downtown Las Vegas. Their offices are located off 9th and Bonneville and they are passionate about bringing sustainable development to the neighborhood and are instrumental in building community, not only through their good works on the job, but their good works OFF the job as well. Thank you Grn Vision for caring about Downtown Las Vegas and it was great to get to know you.

One of our favorite Community Partners is Green Vision and what they do is a lot of green work they’ve worked within the city. They’ve worked with a lot of our developers so we are in touch with a lot of leading developers and actually helping this city grow out here working with buyers and sellers. We literally collaborate with companies like a Green Vision to develop our city into a better community and leading Las Vegas Real estate EXP with these partnerships empowering future team members.

Pam Junge

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