The Junge Group

high tech, human-driven

We are a Las Vegas real estate firm, specializing in commercial, residential, and business brokerage. Our President and Chief Adventure Officer, CAO, Pamela Junge, joined the eXp family in 2019 and has been active in the Las Vegas real estate community for over 35 years.

We strongly believe that trust is never gained but must be earned. After all, we are here to serve you rather than sell you something.

Our approach is as unique as you are.

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  • eXp Industrial Frankie Valle Interview

    eXp Industrial Frankie Valle Interview

    🌟 Dive into the world of commercial real estate with Frankie Valle, the trailblazer behind The Junge Group’s Commercial and Industrial Division! 🏢 Born and raised in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Frankie brings a burst of passion for real estate, finance, investments, dealmaking, transparency, and communication to the table. 🎲✨ As the first […]

  • eXp Industrial Henry Eisenstein Interview

    eXp Industrial Henry Eisenstein Interview

    EVERYTHING INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE – Development, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, market trends, offshoring, onshoring, site selection and more. Join the eXp Commercial Industrial Committee every two weeks for market insight, conversations, deal sharing and monthly interviews highlighting an expert in the industry. All are welcome from the novice to the seasoned broker. Join […]

  • Pam and Frankie’s eXp Testimonials

    Pam and Frankie’s eXp Testimonials

    Welcome to our eXp Commercial testimonial series! Get ready to dive into the real estate world with Pamela Junge and Frankie Valle as they share their experiences and insights with eXp’s forward thinking approach to the real estate brokerage model. In this video, Pamela and Frankie spill the beans on how they’ve been thriving in […]

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